Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chicken piccata

For two
large boneless skinless chicken breast cut in half to make two thin pieces
garlic powder
dredge chicken in the above mixture and shake to remove excess flour.

heat large skillet with garlic infused olive oil
add chicken and brown , cooking several minute on first side turn and cook on other side. When both side are lightly browned add chicken broth and cook until sauce starts to thicken if sauce does not thicken mix a small amount of flour and water and add to sauce to thicken.

While sauce is cooking to thicken cut up green olives capers and cherry tomatoes,add to sauce with basil and parsley and lemon juice cover with lid and cook till chicken is done. right before serving add butter and let melt and stir well.

cook a small amount of whole wheat pasta, remove chicken from pan and stir in pasta making sure all the pasta is well coated put in serving bowl and add chicken on top.